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Jean-Paul Philippe
Jean-Paul Philippe is born in France in 1944 and he devotes himself to painting since he was very young. When he was 16 years old he attends the Fine Arts Institute of Paris, without to be willing to bind himself to any master. In 1960 the first travel to Italy makes a deep impression on him ed the year after he lives in Florence, where he works at Gabinetto dei Disegni (Drawings collection) of the Uffizi Museum. Since that year he travels around the world. Out necessity and curiosity he practises different branches of learning.
Starting from 1973 the sculpture becomes the preferred mean of a free art production, which proclaims itself near to any group, school or system: it is an inner archaeology, where only meetings and journeys let their marks come into sight. Sometimes by adapting itself to the obligations of the monumental work for public spaces, it finds in these opportunities its own reason for existence.
Works of art, which come true from the atelier’s privacy to the public square, from drawings to sculptures, from town habitat to nature. Many exhibitions, most of all at the Jeanne-Bucher Art Gallery in Paris, some expositions in museums in France and abroad, some monumental and public works of art, are the testify for this act, which seeks for nothing else than the complicy of a look and of a body, among oblivion and memory, stone and paper, absence and presence.